Surfing originated in Hawaii but today, anyone can surf whenever there’s wave!  It has become a popular water sport for all ages, men and women alike.  And why not, it allows you to become one with the nature while enjoying the thrill of riding a wave.There are also health benefits of surfing.  It is also a great way to promote health and well being – keeping you healthy mentally and physically.  Surfing encourages social interaction with other surfers, build relationship with peers and develop respect with nature. It’s not surprising to find surfers who are passionate advocates of environmental awareness especially when it comes to protecting our ocean.

Health Benefits of Surfing: Strong cardiovascular system

Surfing will strengthen your cardiovascular system, and just like any other water sports in general, it’s a great full body exercise.  The very act of swimming will increase your heart rate.  Paddling will keep your heart beat in pace and will keep pumping blood to the other parts of your body.  Surfing is a great way to keep your heart healthy and keep the chances of heart attack at bay.

Health Benefits of Surfing: Strong physique

Surfing will definitely give you a strong physique.  Shoulder and back muscles are strengthen by paddling while legs and core strength are improved as you balance yourself on the surfing board. 

It’s a great way to lose weight as well, for an average person; surfing can burn about 400 calories per hour.  So, really you don’t have to starve yourself to death to keep in shape.  You can simply surf and loose the extra calories while having fun!

Surfing will also increase your flexibility and improve your balance.  It’s of vital importance that you’re flexible enough to maneuver your body to go with the waves and balance yourself to stay on your feet as you ride the wave.

Health Benefits of Surfing: Overall Well-being

Surfing also affects you psychologically, giving you a more positive attitude, upbeat feelings, and a better mood.  It has something to do basically with the fact that you’re one with nature when you’re surfing. 

It’s our primal instinct to yearn for the outdoors; it gives us a sense of being free which promotes relaxation.  Keeping an eye on the waves while waiting for the perfect one you would want to ride is also a form of meditation for most people.

The very sport of surfing, which is a form of an extended physical exercise, triggers the secretion of endorphins in our brain which is responsible for that natural euphoria and good mood. 

Suffice to say, the health benefits of surfing – that affects our mood and emotions is back up by science.

Try surfing today and experience that liberating feeling of being with the ocean.  Plus reap the health benefits of surfing as well!  Enjoy time with your family or friends and appreciate the beauty of our nature.