There are many ways to help the planet and reduce our impact on the earth without having to install solar panels or a wind turbine on top of your home. Although those are excellent ways to lower your energy bills and even contribute to the grid in some places, they are not always the option.

Recycling, reusing and up-cycling are some excellent ways to re-purpose products and materials that come into our lives everyday. It is also a significant way to control the amount of waste that enter the landfills, as well as leaving a decreased carbon footprint with a smaller amount of greenhouse gas emissions out of your home.

Recently there has been global widespread of interest in DIY or Do-It-Yourself. Its roots started with people crafting from centuries back when it was always DIY. The realization is that being green has formulated a huge uprise in makers making.

All manners of inventors and innovators, artists and designers, craftsmen and artisans from the world over are being recognized for all the green innovation and sustainable techniques that man has ever known. They make things with the things they save and the things they re-use. There are endless possibilities for wearable art and cool green gadget for saving energy and living with an understanding that what we consume affects the planet. 

Reusing and up-cycling are relatively new terms and it seems to have its crossovers into Arts & Crafts (also a loosely descriptive term) and Art Making.

Fair trade has established itself in this market also, with the endless possibilities of innovative products, including purses made from gum wrappers and pop tops, fashionable bags created from plastic trash bags, and jewelry crafted from telephone wires and old tires.

There are many fair trade organizations, co-ops, family-owned businesses, and non-profits in more than 20 countries that created beautifully handcrafted products. 

There are so many ways to include the whole family in recycling and in energy-saving efforts. By turning off appliances and lights when not in use, using more efficient CFL light bulbs, and using cold water to wash clothes, we protect the planet. 

Recycling can be part of the daily cycle and allow us to preserve what the earth has already given. 

Composting, gardening and farming are all valuable in order to sustain ourselves and give back to our local communities. Supporting locally grown and handmade here in the U.S.A. and in developing countries is a huge help towards supporting the planet.

The recycling, up-cycling, and reusing of earth’s resources has a hand in many industries including fashion,  art, education, commerce, and basic environmental survival and has contributed to a new Green Era.