Not only do you contribute to the conservation and preservation of our natural resources by upcycling but you also create amazing work of art.

Upcycling can be both green and artsy at the same time.  You’ll be amazed at the artistry in products that are being born out materials or items that are once deemed worthless or trash already.

You can start living green by upcycling!  Yes, upcycling! How it differs from recycling?

Upcycling vs. Recycling

In recycling, items such as paper, plastic, and glass are broken down into base materials that can be used to make a new product.  That’s why there are items such as a recycled napkin, recycled paper, Blue Marbles Project’s blue marbles are made from recycled glass, and so on.

In upcycling, you’re not exactly breaking down the materials, you’re only re-fashioning it to shape or to fit another purpose.  For instance, you cut and sew certain parts of an old pair of jeans to make a sling bag out of it. The new product is still made of the original material, still in the form of denim only now it’s a bag and no longer a pair of jeans.

You can use upcycling to create amazing works of art. You can turn those old pair of jeans into a beautiful canvas. This will not only save you money and challenge your creativity but will also help the environment tremendously.  Every time you make use of something once regarded as trash with your DIY or Arts and Crafts projects, you’re saving landfill spaces that are continuously growing as time passes by.

Who will benefit from upcycling?

Trash pollution is no doubt a worldwide problem.  The ever increasing population, lack of awareness and lack of concern to the environment undeniably brings this planet in peril. Both the environment and us humans will benefit from it.  

Well, suffice to say, upcycling benefits the environment it benefits us as well.  But even with aspects of finance, say your family’s budget, you’ll be saving a considerable amount with your expenses if you’ll adapt the habit of upcycling. 

For example, you can upcycle an old tv cabinet into a coffee table or console table.  Or you can use plastic gallons as plant containers. There are tons of things you can turn these ‘trash’ into and you’ll be amazed at how it can turn out to be most of the time even better than what they are originally!

Exceptionally great work of arts can be created by upcycling as well.  Even artists are starting to create green art to express themselves and create awareness!

Creatively Green

Challenge your creativity and give purpose to something that we would ordinarily label as garbage – a plastic bottle, an empty cereal box, an item of old furniture, a glass container or a worn-out shoe.

Making use of these materials, especially the forever trash plastics will immensely affect the state of our environment and other living things.  Plastic trash will remain with us forever; we might as well find ways to reuse or repurpose to integrate it back into our lives with a clear purpose and positive meaning.

More and more artists are embracing the eco-activist in them by creating art from trash to make a statement.  You, too, can do your part and apply to recycling, upcycling or repurposing every time you have a DIY or Arts and Crafts project in mind.

Keen to be Green

There are so many ways we can go green with our lifestyle, perhaps not everybody is aware that it’s possible for us to still live comfortably while keeping it green.  Often times, when people hear the word green living they immediately thought of the comfort they’ll have to give up in order to go Green.

It does take a certain level of awareness and mindset to fully embrace the green lifestyle, considering all the distractions revolving around us.  But will that be enough for an excuse? Remember that we can always start small, start on the little things. ..Before you knew it you’re going to get sucked into the green vortex of lifestyle and you’ll be proud of the things you’re doing (or not doing) to save our environment, our planet.