Art Teacher Mom

     Immediately out of my undergraduate degree program I gravitated towards teaching. I started as a preschool teacher for many years and it opened my eyes to the possibilities of a career teaching art. For over 25 years, before and after I had my own kids, I had taught both children and adults, in many of the materials that I am proficient in, in many different types of settings. I had classes in my own studio and also worked in glass shops doing workshops. I became an artist-in-residence in San Francisco and worked at many after-school programs with kids of all ages and ethnicities.

     The connection between being a parent and being an artist is something I live with every day. I have always been an artist from the time I was a little girl when I was painting rocks and selling them rocks from door to door. I brough art into our home as part of our everyday life.

But after over 20 years of scheduling art projects and then trying to fit my kids into my career, I decided to stay at home and be with my kids. As the years went by I began teaching weekly as an art arent in my kid’s school. Teaching art was my happy place and I was fortunate to have had the best of both worlds, by teaching in the classroom with my own kids, for 12 years.


2nd Graders


5th graders


4th grade