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Welcome! I’m Lisa!

I am a visual artist, photographerart teacher, green-living advocate, entrepreneur, mom, wife, daughter and sister.

As I support my artistic expression with a new studio connected to a garden, here in beautiful Guanacaste, Costa Rica, I am constantly inspired by surroundings.

Living the Pura Vida lifestyle is where you are surrounded by all living things, connected to nature and a lifestyle that allows me to live my passion while enjoying all that life has to offer.

It is my hope for the passionate and earth-conscious artists to be able to find their own Pura Vida Space, I welcome you into mine.

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Ocean Awareness through the Blue Marbles Project

Ocean Awareness through the Blue Marbles Project

The Blue Marbles Project is a simple campaign designed to reach every single person in the world one blue marble at a time. It conveys the message of gratitude for your act of kindness to our blue planet which also resonate our love towards one another and respect of the fact that we do share this earth, the only home we know, with one another.

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Help The Environment: BUY Fair Trade

Help The Environment: BUY Fair Trade

Did you know that a key principle of the World Fair Trade Organization states the protection and conservation of our natural resources? With that, there are guidelines as well as Environmental Standards that needed to be met by farmers who would like to participate in fair trade. The standards aim to protect the environment so that we can preserve and conserve it for more generations to come.

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